What do I say

who would have thought that the weight of my identity would call me to protest against all the injustices in our society

the core of my very being is being questioned in modern newsrooms and coffee chat mornings

to be black in this existence

to be a woman in this climate

oh and to be a christian and in all of these to remain silent

I am young so I must speak out?

rally’s, peaceful protests, all must be done with no violence

yet who I am has been violently attacked

continually misjudged

and regularly not believed

you think we are all alike

you think all black people are the same

all women have the same experience

and all christians think the same

well you are truly mistaken!

let’s take all of those experiences and treat them as one, not the same

I must stand up for my black people

speak up for my fellow females

and defend my christian brethren

what am I to do when one is attacking the other?

when they are at war against themselves

the black men abusing my black females

raping, assaulting and calling them liars

when my christian brethren are hating on my black people

saying all lives matters but not my people

did they forget that our God created us equal?

or when my females shout for all women’s rights but not the ones that exist in my bible

I believe to be free but I still see abortion as sin

It’s good to be female, just not a christian too?

what do I say?

I am a millennial right? so I must have something to say

I must do something because we are the next generation

news flash, I don’t

what more can I say?

All I can say has already been said


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